Best Long-term Survival for Bone Cancer

The Extremity Tumor Program brings together a team of experts in medical & orthopedic oncology, pathology, radiation oncology, and radiology.  This team works to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to management of bone and soft tissue cancers of the extremity and spine. The protocol used for patients with bone cancer (osteosarcoma), developed by the physicians of The Denver Clinic, has been reported in the literature as having the best 10 year survival rate for children and adults of any center in the U.S. 


Case Studies

Reconstruction using Foam Metal

JLThis young man was referred to the extremity tumor program at The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk because knee pain he was experiencing after a family vacation wasn't getting any better.  Xrays of his lower leg showed a suspicious lesion in his tibia. 







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Tibial Chondrosarcoma






This knee xray is of a 64 year old man who had a 6-month history of pain in his leg. He had increased pain when he put weight on his leg and did acknowledge that the pain was worse at night. He was referred for evaluation and management. 







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Reconstruction after Femur Bone Tumor Resection





A 16 year old male presented with a history of knee pain that was getting worse over an 8 week period of time.  He related the pain, which was on the front of his knee at the joint line, to an injury when he stopped suddenly when playing football slightly hyperextending his knee. 

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meet the team

Jennifer J. Clark MD
thumb_clark_nov07Dr. Jennifer Clark is a pediatric hematologist oncologist. She completed her fellowship in hematology-oncology at Boston Children Hospital and Dana-Faber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.  She specializes in the chemotherapeutic management of bone and soft tissue tumors in children.