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Hip Arthroscopy and Labral Repair

Hip arthroscopy is a short, minimally-invasive procedure which utilizes a small camera system and instruments to visualize and repair the hip joint. It is used successfully in the treatment of various hip pathologies.


Arthroscopy is typically done to remove cartilage, repair labral (soft tissue surrounding hip joint) tears, remove joint lining, improve hip instability and for the early treatment of hip arthritis. Due to the less invasive nature of this procedure, hip arthroscopy is usually done on an outpatient basis.






This image shows a 2-anchor anatomic
repair of the acetabular labrum                    
  The femoral head is now back in the
  cup (acetabulum).
The neck is now reshaped
  and the labral repair forms an excellent
  seal with the femoral head.


In this case the labrum had previously been removed by another surgeon.  This patient's femoral head was arthroscopically revised and a new labrum was made from cadaver graft.  This picture shows the new labrum forming an anatomic seal with the femoral head.


The following video shows an arthroscopic procedure for a CAM-type impingement:




Repair of a torn labrum is done through the arthroscopic approach. If the labral tear is one that the surgeon feels can be repaired, the surgeon places sutures through the tear and "tacks" the labrum back down to the attachment on the acetabulum. This allows for the hip joint to maintain its original anatomy and, in theory, prolong the hip joint "life". Patients who have undergone hip arthroscopy with or without labral repair must follow a specific physical therapy protocol to get the best results from the surgical procedure.



The following video shows an arthroscopic procedure for an acetabular labral repair:



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Laurel Benson, MD
thumb_Dr-L-BensonDr. Laurel Benson is a board certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon and a member of the hip preservation service for The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk. Dr. Benson is in practice with Rocky Mountain Pediatric Orthopedics. Her clinical expertise regarding hip problems includes management of congenital hip problems in infants and kids.